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The Big Change…

It is quite incredible to see how people aggressively market their certifications and achievements at workplace on LinkedIn and similar platforms. Such recognition is usually conferred by their current employers who are usually Corporate, Multi-national Cos, Global Partner Enterprises and Industry Bodies. People who get to work with these companies always have this leverage to grow within the system and get recognized. An ecosystem prevails.

On the contrary, what about those guys who are on their own such as SMB entrepreneurs?Are they doomed to live and die in oblivion? Years of hard-work may help them make some money but what about recognition, network and the flaunt?

I think employees and employers working in SMB ecosystem must get a¬†fair¬†chance and a platform to get¬†recognized. Things have changed but still not many employees get credible ‘Best Employee Certificates’. This may be because these certificates do not get the leverage in eyes of the Big Ones (MNC/Corporates) in comparison to their own. Even the ‘Training Certificates’ do not¬†stand tall. Lack of performance management and recognition system adds to misery to the fate of people working in smaller companies. Moreover, non-recognition of smaller companies/employers and entrepreneurs is¬†painful.

Unfortunately, such companies, employers and employees operate in the same ecosystem as bigger companies but for some reasons do not reach a point that makes them worthy of an award or an accolade. And whatever they manage to get, may not impress the high flyers.

Something should be done. Everyone deserves a right to get fame, power and money.

Food for thought? Cheers.

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Celebrity Coaches

Dan Pena said “show me ¬†your friends and I will show you where you stand.” He also said, “you are sum of average of five people you most spend your time with.”

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